Watch out for YouTube’s Soul R&B Artist am1r

Aamir Shahid, is better known by his performing name “am1r” is an R&B Artist, producer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada.

am1r grew up in a very musical home where his mom taught him to play the piano when he was just nine years old.  It was around that same time that he found out he had an ability to sing.  Later, during his teen years, he found his love for R&B music and was greatly influenced by artists like Usher, Boy II Men, Craig David, Marques Houston and a lot more.

Then in early 2013, while he was busy producing and writing for local artists, am1r decided that he wanted to focus on his artistry.  It was at that point that he set up a YouTube channel, a SoundCloud page and focused on covering popular songs in his succulent R&B style.  By covering popular songs, am1r was able to showcase not only his vocal performance but also his production skills.  Fast forward to the present day and has amassed a combined total of more than 5 million hits from his covers and originals.

With his fanbase continually growing, am1r is determined to make a long career by contribution value to the genre he loves so much – R&B.

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Check out some music from am1r

Hello by R&B Youtube Star Somo

Here is a newer cover of Adele’s Hello from R&B artist Somo

Somo has been climbing the latter to stardom since 2012 with the release of his mixtape “My Life”.  My Life contained the smooth R&B sound along with pop soul showcasing Somo’s songwriting skills.  From that mixtape release came Somo’s popular song “Ride” which garnered over 10,000 weekly sales even without a label backing him.  The music video that followed had around 3 million views at the time and had since gone on to amass well over 19 million views, putting Somo in amongst some of the great R&B artists of our generation

It’s without a doubt that Somo is developing as an artist and is coming into his own.  Somo’s Youtube channel get’s well over 100k views whenever he posts a new video.  We couldn’t complete this blog without adding Somo to the roster.

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Check out some music from Somo